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Surprising reason unhappy workers won’t leave their jobs

The good news is most of your workers don’t have any immediate plans to jump ship. The bad news? They’re probably not satisfied with what they’re doing.

These are some of the major takeaways from a recent report by Accenture titled, “The Path Forward.

According to the report, 57% of women and 59% of men are dissatisfied with their jobs. But despite that lack of satisfaction, 69% of all workers don’t have any plans to leave their current employers.

So what’s preventing these unhappy workers from seeking more satisfying opportunities? Sixty-four percent of the employees in the Accenture report said flexible work arrangements were the main reason they were staying at their current job.

Readers do you agree with the findings in this study? Let us know in the Comments section.


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  • John P

    “So what’s preventing these unhappy workers from seeking more satisfying opportunities?”

    OK, I will take a crack at answering this question with some more questions.

    1) Maybe the lackluster economy?
    2) The fear that the grass is not always greener?
    3) The lack of mobility due to a down real estate markey?
    4) Real life examples of friends and family losing jobs and making less now making current employees hesitatnt?

    Just some things to chew on.

  • DC

    I totally agreed. As a mother of three, this job has become very flexible with my demanding schedule. I’m not sure if I can get the same benefits somewhere else.

  • Arlene

    I cannot leave mostly due to economics. No one else will pay me enough and I make just enough to barely get by so I am stuck. As soon as anyone wants my house I am out of this job and back home to small towns and close friends. No matter how broke, family is more than anything else
    Guess I forgot that part of life when we moved so far away

  • George

    I think employers are aware of this negative trend and that’s why they start to place importance on different wellness programs as one of the ways to increase productivity and develop a more positive attitude among their employees. And it seems that such an approach is successful as far as enhancing one’s happiness in the workplace is concerned and sometimes it’s even more important than the increase of salary.