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Take an ‘inside-out’ approach to savings in these 3 areas

CEOs are looking into the financial crystal ball … and to them, the near future looks a little bleak. [Read more…]

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Just how much is that building costing you these days?

There’s good news and bad news for employers that own one or more buildings. [Read more…]

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Are your collectors getting better?

If you had a collector that couldn’t bring any cash back into your company coffers, that person would be shown the door, pronto. What about your crack collectors? [Read more…]

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How much do you know about payments fraud? Take this quiz to find out

Internal Control / Fraud Prevention

“It wouldn’t happen here.” “We’re too small – everybody knows everybody.” “We have plenty of controls in place – we’d catch something fishy.” Those are some very expensive attitudes about fraud … and some wrong ones. [Read more…]

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