Finance News & Insights

Creating strong, lasting relationships with your trading partners

When trading partners hear or see your company’s name, do you think they grin or cringe? [Read more…]

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Forget outsourcing: 3 employees that are already equipped for social media

You don’t need to be paying a firm for internet and social media marketing services – it’s likely your team is already in place. [Read more…]

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The secret to stopping complainers in their tracks

Who’s better at defusing unhappy campers than Customer Service? [Read more…]

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4 biz lessons Finance can learn from Customer Service

Management / Staffing Issues

True, you may not have to don a headset and man the company’s 800 number. But Finance does need to put its best customer service face forward. So how well are you doing? [Read more…]

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Scheduling software: Employers' dream or employees' nightmare?

How much stock can you put in technology that claims to match labor supply with business demand while saving your company money, increasing productivity and boosting employee morale? [Read more…]

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