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Why data-driven banks and fintechs should embrace a common data platform approach

No doubt, the cutting-edge technology specifically geared toward banks and financial service providers can greatly benefit employers in those industries. But those tech advancements can also lead to a fragmented data infrastructure. In this post, guest author Sai Gundavelli, the Founder and CEO of Solix Technologies, Inc., a big data application provider, highlights the many benefits of taking an industry standard, common data platform approach. [Read more…]

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The 5 biggest mistakes made in Accounting and Finance today

shocked on computer 3

You can’t blame these on the computer! The mistakes on this list are strictly human error.  [Read more…]

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Why employees should be concerned about BYOD, too

Bring your own device (BYOD) policies have always brought some security issues for companies, but this CIO presents it in an entirely different angle. [Read more…]

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Selecting multiple-screen data ranges in Excel? Here’s a simpler way to do it

Even cutting a few seconds out of a recurring Excel task can be a huge help for Finance staffers. So here’s an easier way to handle a very common process. [Read more…]

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What's your plan for when a disaster strikes?

Hurricane season hammers home the point that certain things are completely out of our hands. But a detailed plan to cope with disasters can save your company weeks’ or even months’ worth of revenue. [Read more…]

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Shave days off your monthly close

No company can afford to take long to get critical financial data into the right hands. Here’s a tested strategy that can shave time off of your close. [Read more…]

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