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FASB to give more time on lease accounting standard … and you’re gonna need it!

While it’s not a done deal yet, you’re likely going to get an extra year to get in compliance with the new lease accounting standard — if you’re a private company. [Read more…]

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4 ways Finance can get more from final demand letters

Granted, sending out a final demand letter is something no Collections department wants to resort to — and some collectors even think of the tactic as a formality or a Hail Mary. But these letters can be effective. [Read more…]

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A zebra, no milk & a hairbrush: 12 wild excuses for being late to work

Clock in

Of course you’ve heard that traffic on the highway was a nightmare … but how about a finance staffer who had a nightmare and that’s why he was late for work this morning?  [Read more…]

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New COBRA extension includes some twists


They did it again! Congress just passed yet another extension to the COBRA subsidy … and then some. Here’s what you need to know this time. [Read more…]

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The dreaded d-word: 4 keys to delegating work

Like it or not, delegating is an essential part of management. Managers who don’t do it well are stuck shouldering an impossible workload. [Read more…]

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