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Proven strategies to keep more money in your company’s coffers

No CFO wants to pay more than they have to – but turns out, the vast majority are doing just that. [Read more…]

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Are you putting yourself behind the 8-ball for vendor discounts?

Could your company be unnecessarily handicapping itself when it comes to getting invoices through the A/P process in time to earn discounts? [Read more…]

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Invoicing best practices: 7 strategies to move you up on the to-pay pile

You know that customers will jump on any excuse to delay paying an invoice.  And the invoices themselves can serve as a major one of those excuses. [Read more…]

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Master vendor file complete? Not without these items

The master file vendor is the most critical material AP has at its disposal. So it’s worth asking if your master vendor file has all the info it needs. [Read more…]

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3 keys to snag every penny of earned discounts

Little is as frustrating as missing out on a prompt-pay discount your company was eligible for. Not only that, it can set A/P back light years in terms of being viewed as a cost center.

[Read more…]

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