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You won’t believe the late-for-work excuses they’re using now

Just when you thought you’d heard them all, employees have come up with some new and creative excuses for coming in late to the office.

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A zebra, no milk & a hairbrush: 12 wild excuses for being late to work

Clock in

Of course you’ve heard that traffic on the highway was a nightmare … but how about a finance staffer who had a nightmare and that’s why he was late for work this morning?  [Read more…]

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Aliens abducted my check! And 10 other real excuses


Customers may be getting more creative as the economy limps along. But chances are you haven’t heard any of these whoppers about excuses for being late. [Read more…]

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'My Monkey Died': 31 lamest excuses for missing work


You know they’re really at the beach (or the mountains or their own backyard), but they have to offer some excuse why they won’t be making it into the office that day. Here are some of the craziest. [Read more…]

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Kick these 4 direct deposit excuses to the curb

Next month brings National Payroll Week (Sept. 1-5). What better gift to your Payroll Pete or Patty than to have more employees signed up for direct deposit? Here’s how to cut through the resistance. [Read more…]

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