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Sickening! The flu robs employers of $21B a year

Every sneeze, sniffle and cough you hear in your office are costing you … big, thanks to the flu. [Read more…]

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Aa-choo! Don’t let the flu bring your office down

If you’re like most CFOs, you’d rather avoid half of your office coming down with the flu this year! [Read more…]

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Finance more vulnerable to flu than many others: your best defense


There are some professions you’d expect to be more likely to catch the flu than others. But you probably didn’t expect Finance to be among them. [Read more…]

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Keeping the flu out of your office this season: 3 keys

Year-end is right around the corner for Finance, and the last thing you need is a big chunk of your staff falling victim to the flu. [Read more…]

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Your workplace: Disaster proof or prone?

For small businesses, fall means hurricane season’s in full swing and flu season right around the corner. So it’s a good time to revisit disaster-planning tactics. [Read more…]

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