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Why data-driven banks and fintechs should embrace a common data platform approach

No doubt, the cutting-edge technology specifically geared toward banks and financial service providers can greatly benefit employers in those industries. But those tech advancements can also lead to a fragmented data infrastructure. In this post, guest author Sai Gundavelli, the Founder and CEO of Solix Technologies, Inc., a big data application provider, highlights the many benefits of taking an industry standard, common data platform approach. [Read more…]

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Why your A/P department needs a payments strategy

Finance chiefs need to think strategically about how they can get Accounts Payable pros to get rid of checks and set themselves up to take full advantage of the host of new payment technologies out there. To help, guest author Brent Meyers, the vice president of national sales for Nvoicepay, offers a step-by-step plan on how CFOs can make it happen. [Read more…]

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