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IRS offers new guidance on correcting HSA deduction errors

You know it’s a great one-two punch for containing healthcare costs: Pair a high deductible health plan (HDHP) with a health savings account (HSA). These days more and more employees are signing on, which means more contributions for your payroll team to handle. [Read more…]

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Want to do away with your costly traditional health plan? HSAs are the key

Many finance chiefs are hoping to fully replace their traditional health plans with a high-deductible option in the near future — and the sooner the better. And when employers get workers to take full advantage of an HSA option, this transition becomes much, much easier. [Read more…]

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Is misinformation holding back your HSA participation rates?

Why aren’t employees taking full advantage of the myriad benefits HSAs offer to savvy participants?   [Read more…]

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