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IRS creates $36K per-worker Obamacare fine

If you were planning on sending workers out onto the insurance exchanges with a lump-sum of cash for premium costs, you’ll want to read the feds’ latest warning. [Read more...]

Half of workers don’t get adequate preventive care

Seventy-five percent is a critical figure when it comes to understanding healthcare costs. [Read more...]

2 ways to skirt Obamacare’s ‘Cadillac Tax’

While there are plenty of health reform regs to worry about in the near future, there’s a good chance you’re already thinking about the “Cadillac Tax” that takes effect in 2018. [Read more...]

Obamacare: IRS’ final rules on ‘play-or-pay’ reporting

You may have some time until the Obamacare “play-or-pay” penalties take effect, but it’s still a good idea to look over the final rules on the reporting requirements IRS just issued. [Read more...]

Feds grant small firms huge Obamacare break

If you thought you caught a huge break when the feds delayed Obamacare’s employer mandate last summer, you’re not going to believe IRS’ latest move. [Read more...]

Will health reform bring Finance and HR closer together?

If your Finance department is planning to spend a lot more time with the folks over in HR in the future, you’re not alone. [Read more...]

Early end to reform's annual limit waivers announced

Heads up: You don’t have much longer to apply for a waiver that would free you from the health reform’s restrictions on setting annual limits for healthcare coverage. [Read more...]

Approved: Feds OK 94% of reform waiver requests

If your company will be adversely affected by health reform’s restrictions on annual coverage limits, you’ll want to apply for an exemption right away. [Read more...]

How is the health reform debate affecting employers?

While opponents of health reform work round the clock to get the controversial bill tossed out, companies are left wondering how to react. Here’s what your peers are doing. [Read more...]