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Responding to 3 common non-payment excuses

When it comes to the reason a bill wasn’t paid on time, customers often have a few go-to excuses they rely on. Here are two of the most common, as well as ways to handle them effectively. [Read more…]

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Would you pay this bill? Should you?


Simple, right? Your company orders goods, they arrive, the bill comes, you pay it. Not always. [Read more…]

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How many A/P departments take advantage of discount terms?

By and large, the majority of A/P departments are taking advantage of most of the discount terms that their vendors offer. Where does your firm stand?  [Read more…]

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Forget faxing invoices — try this instead

Yes, some of your peers have been able to secure a cash flow boost by faxing customers their invoices instead of mailing them. Here’s an alternative that might be even better. [Read more…]

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