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What really makes a great leader? 3 mottos from your peers

To get to where you are, you had to demonstrate not only excellent financial knowledge and experience, but great leadership skills. [Read more…]

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Could your department benefit from ‘reverse mentoring’?

What can a green newbie really teach a grizzled Finance veteran? A lot — as long as CFOs know how to team the two up correctly.  [Read more…]

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Are you prepared for the evolution of the CFO role?

CFOs finding themselves with additional responsibilities outside of their traditional roles has become increasingly common. Good news: You can prepare yourself for potential changes by cultivating certain principles you may already rely on, a new study claims. [Read more…]

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Why re-hiring ‘boomerang employees’ is the smart move

Looking to bring new talent to fill an open position? Believe it or not, your company may be better off looking to an ex-employee to fill that open spot. [Read more…]

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How important is it to get rid of bad bosses?

Want to determine how satisfied, engaged, and effective employees really are? It all depends on the answer to this question: “Who’s your supervisor and how well are they doing their job?” [Read more…]

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4 keys to employee engagement in Finance

To many finance chiefs, “engagement” is nothing but a meaningless buzzword. But the truth is, when employees aren’t engaged in their work, the entire company suffers. [Read more…]

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Leadership lacking: Why most don't want to be boss

Ask any department’s employees in what ways the boss can improve and you’ll likely get a slew of detailed answers. Ask those same staffers who wants to take their boss’s place, and you probably won’t hear much. [Read more…]

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Who is your team’s best player? 6 ways to tell


No matter what your position in your organization, being viewed as a team player will get you far. [Read more…]

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Bad boss? 5 ways to tell


Being a good manager isn’t a popularity contest. But if employees perceive their bosses negatively, everybody suffers. The worst part? You might not even realize you’re doing anything wrong! [Read more…]

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