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Banks with the most complaints in 2018 – did yours make the list?

Granted you probably won’t love your company’s banks every minute of every day. But is your financial institution notorious for making its customers unhappy? [Read more…]

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Do you and your staffers know these 10 ‘power’ Excel skills?

excel shortcuts

You probably consider yourself pretty adept at using Excel. The same hopefully goes for your finance staffers. [Read more…]

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Excel tip lets you pinpoint top list items instantly

When you’re working in Excel, every second you can shave off of what you’re doing is invaluable. So here’s something that’ll come in handy if you need to find the top 10 or top 10% of items in a list on aspreadsheet you’re working in. [Read more…]

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9 things a boss never wants to hear

We know that all bosses are different, but the vast majority never want to hear certain things from their employees. [Read more…]

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Ho, ho – hell no! The worst holiday gifts ever


’Tis the season for giving. But the gifts on this list will make you want to give … them right back! [Read more…]

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