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Embrace March Madness? Why this firm does it

Each year, studies are released on just how much March Madness costs companies in terms of lost productivity. But with smartphones everywhere, is there anything employers can really do? And should they even try? [Read more...]

Will March Madness cost $134 million in productivity?

Fantasy football, the Super Bowl Christmas shopping and March Madness: What do they all have in common? [Read more...]

A better way to handle March Madness distractions

When the clock strikes twelve on March 15, a huge chunk of your Finance staff is likely to have trouble focusing on their work. The question is: What should you do about it? [Read more...]

Inches around a pregnant co-worker's belly: Strangest office pools

It’s one thing to have a standard March Madness pool in the office; it’s something else altogether to bet on some of these things. [Read more...]

Study: Workplace 'Madness' OK in moderation

Next week marks the start of March Madness, and you’re bound to have at least a few distracted workers in the office. The question is: Should you care? [Read more...]

Should you care about the effect of March Madness on Finance?

Take a quick look around the office, if people appear to be staring a little too intently at a screen proclaiming, “March 2010 Work Flow Design,” your finance department is fully enraptured by March Madness. [Read more...]

Super Bowl Monday: 3 ways the big game hurts your business


Think those companies that spend $2.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial are crazy? Companies everywhere are losing millions on the big game — and they’re not even getting anything in return. [Read more...]

Most firms look the other way during March Madness

The Madness has officially begun and, chances are, your workers have more than just their emotions invested in these games. [Read more...]