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IRS announces the per-diem rates for Fiscal Year 2018: What’s different?

Let Finance know there’s some new limits for them to get acquainted with.
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IRS unveils per-diem rates for the coming year

A new fiscal year has started for the feds, and IRS marked the occasion by announcing new per diem rates.   [Read more…]

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New per diem rates rise slightly, GSA announces

A new fiscal year’s almost here, and the General Service Administration has some news for your A/P department.   [Read more…]

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T&E alert: New FY2016 per-diem rates just released

jet airplane landing at sunset

You and your staffers have some new info to contend with — if your company relies on federal per-diem rates to reimburse employees for their business travel.  [Read more…]

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Feds new per-diem rates are in effect

If your firm relies on per-diems when it comes to business travel, you’ll want to take a look at FY’10 per-diem rates and make some adjustments. [Read more…]

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