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Meeting menaces: 4 employee types to keep in check

Come time for your monthly Finance meeting, you’re well prepared. A time was set, an agenda was emailed, and key points were outlined. This meeting is sure to be productive, right? [Read more…]

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3 timesaving tactics endorsed by leaders, for leaders

Finance pros are notorious for being organized, deadline-driven and systematic. But unpredictable happenings in the office can put a wrench in even the most prepared CFO’s day. [Read more…]

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Here but not helping: Red flags of presenteesim – or something worse

As we enter the summer months, you may notice some employees seem to be mentally checked out. [Read more…]

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Should Finance staffers have a ‘nap room’?

Employers spend vast amounts of time and resources combating costly chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity — and rightly so. But there’s one health condition that’s largely ignored by health-management programs. — and it’s likely having a negative impact on Finance staffers.   [Read more…]

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Wellness activities could boost productivity levels — and profits

Good news: There’s more evidence that increased participation in employee wellness programs could directly affect your bottom line.   [Read more…]

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They did what in the office? The strangest non-work activities done on the clock

We’re only human – everyone gets distracted now and then at the office. But what happens when folks take their focus too far off the job?  [Read more…]

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Are you making the most of Finance’s peak productivity times?

productivity times

Productivity – of course you want to do everything you can to maximize it in your finance department.   [Read more…]

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Ready for some (fantasy) football? Two key steps to keep productivity up

Are you ready for some football? How about the bite the sport will take out of your bottom line?   [Read more…]

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Summer slump? What summer slump? Tips to energize Finance

Fitness Class Pushups

The dog days are here, and with it the dip in productivity many companies experience during late summer. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

[Read more…]

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11 crazy things employees did … and you paid them for!


OK, everyone knows the pace in the office tends to slow a bit during the dog days of summer. People take vacation and almost everyone seems a little more easygoing. [Read more…]

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