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2016 minimum wage hikes: Was your state impacted?

While the push to increase the federal minimum wage continues, a significant number of states and municipalities have taken it upon themselves to bump up pay on the local level this year.   [Read more…]

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23 states raise minimum wage in 2015

The new year got more expensive for employers in 23 states, plus the District of Columbia. Or it will soon.

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Does your state measure the success of its tax incentives?

Chances are your state has a number of tax incentives geared toward bringing in (and keeping) new business. But how effective are these tax perks at doing just that? [Read more…]

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What’s your company’s use tax IQ? Find out here

It’s like a teacher giving a pop quiz on the topic she knew everyone in the class was struggling with. Except you’re the student, the teacher is the state and that pop quiz: a use tax audit! [Read more…]

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