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Have you grabbed every tax credit? 5-step checklist

Forget showers! Spring brought a deluge of new laws that impact businesses of all sizes. And many require some IRS paperwork to take advantage of them. [Read more...]

Who Making Work Pay will hurt this tax season

Your Payroll and Benefits team may be dealing with some disgruntled workers come tax time this year. [Read more...]

Signing Michael Vick: Bad PR choice or savvy tax move?

When the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick, none of the verbal shrapnel the team was hit with focused on the generous incentive the Birds stood to gain from the signing.  [Read more...]

IRS provides incentives for getting low-income employees into your 401(k)

It can be a particular challenge to get employees with small paychecks to participate in a retirement plan. This tax credit may help. [Read more...]