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2019 T&E forecast – and how to combat higher costs

Considering T&E is the second largest expense for most companies, CFOs always have to keep an eye on the business travel industry.   [Read more…]

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Think travel expenses are legit? It’s worth taking a second look

It’s bad enough that Travel & Entertainment (T&E) expenses are too high for many companies, maybe yours included.

[Read more…]

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6 must-have apps for business travelers

Good news: Tracking expenses and saving money on the road can get a whole lot easier. [Read more…]

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2012 T&E expense forecasts released – how does your company compare?

Not only may Finance be processing more expense reports in the new year, those totals will also probably be higher. [Read more…]

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How much are companies spending for business travel?

Wondering how much your peers are spending on their T&E ventures? This report will give you a pretty clear picture. [Read more…]

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Drive in greater savings on vehicle costs

An employee has a business trip. She drives her car to the airport and leaves it there. Then you pay those parking charges. You may not have to. [Read more…]

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