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Feds offer guidance on handling W-2 errors … after you’ve filed them!

So your Payroll team got those W-2s filed by the Jan. 31 deadline — and then a staffer found an error. Or two. [Read more…]

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Heads up: 1095-C, W-2 updates for year-end 2015

Once Forms W-2 are finished, employers can distribute them to employees electronically, assuming you get their consent. As for the electronic delivery of other year-end forms, such as the new Form 1095-C, the IRS recently gave a word of warning.  [Read more…]

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Will Feds decide to bump up W-2 deadline?

Like Finance staffers need more pressure at year-end: The idea of making firms submit Forms W-2 to SSA earlier just won’t go away because of growing concerns about identity theft.   [Read more…]

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Wait! Before you submit those W-2s, double check these two boxes

So by now you’ve gotten those W-2s into employees’ hands, but they likely haven’t been filed with the feds yet. And that’s a good thing.

[Read more…]

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W-2, 1099 reporting: 3 ways to safeguard yourself from common errors

The clock’s ticking on employers to get their W-2s and 1099s out the door. So it’s easy for very avoidable mistakes to get made in the process. [Read more…]

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