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IRS blitzes with new benefit limits for 2019

More mission-critical year-end updates have arrived! And these impact many of your different finance departments, from Payroll to Accounts Payable to Benefits. [Read more…]

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IRS reveals major weak spots in companies’ year-end process

Every year, IRS puts out a roundup of ways to improve processes for various finance functions, including your A/P department.  [Read more…]

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Fending off fraud: The expense scam that’s most likely to hit now

Helping yourself to seconds at Thanksgiving dinner? That’s expected. Helping yourself to seconds on expense reimbursement? That’s fraud. [Read more…]

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The tool that keeps communication high at year-end

You know year-end is a massive team effort – which can be a blessing and a curse. [Read more…]

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Past year-end flubs resurfacing: Is Finance ready to handle them?

As the last quarter of 2018 begins, you’re likely already beginning to prepare for the coming year-end. But before forging forward, IRS will require many companies to take a lookback at last year-end. [Read more…]

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4 proven strategies to avoid the new 1099 penalties

With every second that passes, the year-end deadlines creep closer.   [Read more…]

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5 hurdles most finance departments run into at year-end

Year-end: There’s more than just W-2s and 1099s to get through. Your finance staffers have a slew of tasks to complete by December 31. Unfortunately, there’s a lot working against them.

[Read more…]

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3 year-end tasks now for a smoother December

You may still be thinking about your summer vacation – or may even be on it!  but before you know it, year-end will be upon us again. [Read more…]

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Expert advice on managing year-end stress in Finance


Last minute purchase reqs, invoices, expense reports, flex spending reimbursements, holiday pay schedules  — and that’s before you contend with W-2s and 1099s! Finance can barely come up for air at this time of year. Which makes keeping stress in check more critical than ever. [Read more…]

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IRS, SSA release critical year-end updates for Finance


New year, new numbers, same old process! ‘Tis the season for the feds to start issuing all the key updates Finance departments everywhere will need on Jan. 1. [Read more…]

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