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The perks most employees are looking for now

Would you believe 36% of people currently employed say they’ll be actively looking for a new job in 2015?

“Happy New Year, we quit!” or something like that.

CareerBuilder surveyed 3,056 employees about their work preferences and “resolutions” for 2015.

One surprising finding? Many said that company-sponsored perks would boost their satisfaction with the job and firm.

The top five perks:

  1. Half-day Fridays – 40 percent
  2. Onsite fitness center – 22 percent
  3. Daily catered lunches – 21 percent
  4. Massages – 16 percent
  5. Being able to wear jeans – 15 percent

The one perk that pays off the most

Not every company can – or should – accommodate workers with perks like these. For example: Catered lunches are nice on occasion, of course, but there are plenty of small companies that can’t afford that kind of expense.

But we think one of those perks makes a lot of sense for more than one reason – and that’s setting up a fitness center or gym.

Here’s why any company can expect a fast ROI:

  • People will often stay longer if a morning or late afternoon workout is in the schedule.
  • Some will give up expensive gym memberships.
  • Working out at the office keeps people off the roads.
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for wellness programs and providing workout opportunities.
  • Working out not only boosts fitness, it helps boost creativity and energy levels, and that can lead to higher-quality work.
  • Much of the equipment you need – dumbbells, exercise mats, exercise balls – don’t cost much.
  • Other equipment like weight machines, treadmills, step machines, etc., aren’t cheap. But high-quality equipment can last for years if maintained properly.
  • You don’t need a lot of space. Some companies convert empty offices and rarely used meeting spaces for their gyms. Depending on your facility’s layout, you can even set up equipment in your warehouse.


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