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The right way to quit when your CEO is an 'Ethical Pervert'

It’s not uncommon for departing employees to send out an e-mail letting their co-workers know about the upcoming move. However, it is rare for that e-mail to accuse the CEO of being an “idiot cocaine addict and blatant self proclaimed pervert.”

That’s probably why former American Apparel stockroom employee Ryan Narita has become something of a celebrity recently, and why his e-mail — with the Subject “Peace out american apparel … peace out forever”  — is making the rounds all over the web.

Narita’s e-mail, which went to a half dozen entire American Apparel stores, began “Dear fellow american apparel employees,” and chronicled in detail his numerous reasons for quitting the job.

Some of most colorful phrases in the e-mail include:

  • The moral of my story is don’t give a sh*t about the company because they definitely do not give a sh*t about you!, and
  • all “head office” employees (with the exception of dome. He is competent) are nothing to fear. These are people with no ambitions nor goals in life. they are content with being the subservient pet of an idiot cocaine addict and blatant self proclaimed pervert.

Before ending his e-mail, Narita told his co-workers that American Apparel is “not a career do not disillusion yourself in thinking otherwise.”

The complete e-mail — as well as a few clarifications by Narita — can be found here.

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