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The top 4 projects your IT team hates: How many are you requesting?


Looking to get a better understanding of your company’s tech staffers? IT pros recently revealed the tech projects they absolutely hate.

And while you may be tempted to say “Suck it up, it’s your job,” that collective IT dread often translates into missed deadlines and budget overages.

Which is why it’s worth taking a look at what made the list. How many are things you’re considering?

The dreaded 4

These are the projects that make your IT folks cringe and how you can take some of the stress out of them to put more of the success into them:

  1. Large last-minute patches. Sometimes an 11th hour fix is unavoidable. Hopefully your techies are on top of the latest security threats and updates. But be sure to pass along any you hear about as well (such as the Adobe patch mentioned on Page 2 of the cover story).
  2. Moving email to the cloud. You likely want this project because it stands to save you money and can boost security. But sometimes migration takes as long as a year. Ouch. Volunteer some of your staffers to be pilot users to help iron out kinks.
  3. Compliance mandates that get dumped in their laps. Anything from a disaster recovery plan to the new revenue recognition reporting requirements require a heavy hand from IT. But they need your help too every step of the way.
  4. ERP. Three little letters cause a whole lot of stress for IT pros. That’s often because there are so many people and processes to integrate on an ERP project. Finance can do its part by having clearly documented and streamlined processes before an ERP conversion.

Adapted from “6 Most-Dreaded IT Projects,” by Dan Tynan, at

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