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They’re sharing usernames and passwords again!

Hopefully your Finance staffers are more careful than the average employee is with passwords:

  • 23% of employees say they’ve shared their network passwords with others
  • 32% shared them after a supervisor requested they do so (!!), and
  • 28% gave co-workers who were out of the office their username and password.

And that’s not the worst finding from this recent survey by IS Decisions.

Among those surveyed, 52% didn’t consider these actions a security risk.

Employees are asking for problems

These stories are nothing new of course. Employees choose simplistic passwords that are easy pickings for hackers.

There’s plenty of good security advice out there, but as this survey shows,  many employees simply aren’t paying attention.

It’s no wonder some companies make employees change their network passwords monthly or quarterly. Workers may gripe about it, but it’s often the only way employers can protect crucial data and money from malicious hackers.

Whether it’s you or IT delivering the message, make sure employees know their credentials are for their eyes only.

And let supervisors and managers know that “sharing” an employee’s credentials is never acceptable.

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