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What the national deficit really looks like

It’s as American as apple pie, and recently, the United States’ red ink has reached unprecedented levels.

In fact, the national debt is so large, it doesn’t even fit on most calculators. Luckily for the American people (and the government), real estate developer Matt Miles has a solution.

Mr. Miles is launching the “Big Red” calculator to get people thinking about how much the United States owes. The calculator displays 16 digits – enough to show all of the numbers in the national debt.

For example, at the start of September, the national debt was holding steady at around $11.8 trillion.

On Big Red, that number reads: $11,792,918,170,836.43.

When asked what he plans to do with the profits from Big Red, Mr. Miles said he’d like to start chipping away at his enormous credit card debt.

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