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What's your plan for when a disaster strikes?

Hurricane season hammers home the point that certain things are completely out of our hands. But a detailed plan to cope with disasters can save your company weeks’ or even months’ worth of revenue.

Fortunately, disaster planning doesn’t have to be a major expense. A brief online search will reveal an abundance of free disaster- and contingency-planning Web sites.

For example, the Small Business Administration offers this free guide, complete with emergency tips on planning an evacuation route, creating supply kits, as well as a list of useful resources that can help cut down the time it takes your business to bounce back from a disaster.

It doesn’t take a hurricane or an earthquake to wipe out your company’s most important information. So backing up and storing important data offsite should already be part your company’s game plan.

Web sites like this are helpful in keeping up to date on the latest backup, storage and file-sharing info.

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