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Why corporate cards are making a comeback — and where you’ll find them

While they are by no means a new tool, corporate cards are experiencing something of a resurgence right now.

More than a quarter (26%) of treasury professionals say they’ll spend more on their card programs this year than last.

That’s the word out of the B2B Payments and WCM Strategies 2017 Survey Report.

Of course you have a slew of different ways you can go with plastic.

The most-used types of cards are …

Check out which types of cards your peers are tapping most frequently today, according to the survey:

  • purchasing cards (43%)
  • T&E cards (37%)
  • corporate all-in-one cards (36%)
  • ghost cards (14%)
  • virtual cards (13%), and
  • AP cards (13%).

Most of these cards work best when you’re spending frequently with the same vendor, same types of purchases or same category (like for T&E).

If you haven’t done an analysis of who fits this profile lately, it’s well worth a new look.

You may find out you could enhance your current program or even add another one.

Just be careful when setting up either a ghost card or AP card program – those two had the highest relative dissatisfaction rates (11% and 15% respectively).

To download the full survey report, go visit.

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