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Will your staffers stay after economy rebounds?

Most employers would like nothing more than a swift end to the current recession, but new research suggests the end will usher in a whole new set of problems for some.

Some of your top performers may simply be biding their time until the first clear signs of recovery — then walking right into the arms of the competition.

At least that’s what Adecco Group found. According to an Adecco study, 54% of working Americans are likely to look for new jobs once the economy rebounds.

And one group in particular is most likely to bolt. Seventy-one percent of Gen Y workers, those between the ages of 18-29, are likely to look for new jobs once the upturn starts.

Rather than waiting ’til valued employees are regularly leaving early for “doctor’s appointments” in a suit and tie, get together with staffers more often to see how they’re doing. These informal chats may help to clue you in on a major problem — before it’s too late.

In addition, here are proven ways to retain top performers on the cheap.

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