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5 keys to making Finance’s mornings more productive

In the busy world of Finance, an unproductive morning can easily set you back a day or two. Here’s how to make the most of the AM hours. 

We’ve all been there. You arrive at work, sit down at your desk and struggle to get the morning started. Maybe there are distractions or maybe you’re just tired, but some days it’s hard to ramp up productivity in the mornings.

That can be a problem, especially during busy times like the monthly close when you need to make the most of the entire day.

Fortunately, according to, by making small adjustments to your schedule and your surroundings, you can stop spinning your wheels and improve your morning productivity.

Little changes add up

Here are five strategies you can use to help make your morning more productive:

  1. Start the night before. Spend a few minutes each night making a list of what you hope to accomplish the next day. This shouldn’t be an hour-by-hour schedule, but more of a list of goals such as approve mileage reimbursements, schedule meeting with accounting, etc. Before you leave for work, take a quick glance at your list to get your brain working on upcoming tasks.
  2. Get to know your energy. What are you best at doing in the morning? Do you prefer to start out with simple tasks or are you more creative in the morning? Figure out your morning preferences and schedule your day accordingly.
  3. Create a pre-game routine. Carve out a short routine that you can do every morning to start your day. Maybe it’s drinking a cup of coffee or taking a walk around Finance to check in on everyone. A daily start-up routine will signal to your brain that it’s time to be productive.
  4. Set up a fan in your office. Or find another way to cool your workspace. Cooler temperatures will keep your mind and body focused. Just don’t set the temperature too low. Not only will it make finance staffers uncomfortable, it can actually drop their productivity.
  5. Check your posture. Take your mom’s advice and sit up straight. Slouching inhibits your breathing, which results in less oxygen getting to your brain. When you sit up straight, you’ll be able to breathe more fully and stay more focused.
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