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Heads up: Sales and use tax rates still climbing

As you know all too well, sales and use tax rates have a way of going up, up, up.  

And that’s exactly what they did in Quarter 3 of 2015, according to Thomson Reuters’ latest sales and use tax report.

In fact, the average rate climbed on every level, including:

  • state: 5.539%, up from 5.457% (thanks to Kansas’ new 6.5% rate)
  • county: 1.77%, an increase from 1.759%, and
  • city: 1.261%, up from 1.238%.

There were 220 local tax code amendments in the third quarter.

Keep that ear to the ground

Counties and cities are constantly tinkering with sales and use tax rates, and that makes them easy to miss.

So check up on the Department of Revenue websites regularly to look for changes.

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