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How are A/P departments filing sales tax returns?

When it comes to completing sales tax returns electronically, here’s what your peers are doing.

Online data entry is the top procedure A/P pros are using to electronically file their sales tax returns. That’s according to the “Taxation Inside-Out” study by Vertex, Inc., which found that 52% of employers said this was their method of choice for filing returns.

Another 23% of employers said they file sales tax returns by uploading to a Department of Revenue (DOR) website, and just 3% of companies said they telefile returns.

It’s true that completing sales tax returns on a spreadsheet and then electronically submitting them does give employers the most control. However, with this method, the data may not be in format the state wants.

One major advantage of keying data directly into a DOR web portal is that you won’t have to reformat anything.

Readers, what procedures do you use to electronically file sale tax returns? Let us know in the Comments section.



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