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Preventing 3 of the top manager mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. But when a manager messes up, it can hurt the entire department.

Here are three of the most common manager mistakes — and how to prevent them from wreaking havoc at your workplace:

1. Reacting inconsistently. No one expects their boss to act like a robot. But if a manager reacts to similar situations in completely different ways, it’ll confuse employees. And people will be less apt to speak up and share their ideas if they can’t get a handle on how their supervisor will respond. To avoid this problem, remember not to act hastily and keep an even temper.

2. Playing favorites. This one is tricky, because whether they admit it or not, all managers have favorites. Sometimes preferential treatment is so subtle the manager doesn’t even realize he or she is doing it — but employees will. Best way to steer clear of this problem: Make sure to consistently ask yourself if you’re giving all of your staff the same attention — and the same opportunities.

3. Not enough feedback. Sometimes managers assume that employees will know they’re doing a good job if they don’t hear from their boss. But employees need to know how they’re doing. To prevent this, make it part of your weekly routine to offer constructive criticism, as well as praise for good performance.

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  • Consistency and lack of communication are deadly. I’m not sure I agree with favortism because you can’t treat everyone the same. Each person is motivated in a different way so it takes someone who has diverse tactics to get the most out of his team.